I’ve wanted to do more with my music for such a long time, but life got in the way or I wasn’t able to find an instructor that would focus on my needs. Since subscribing with you, my confidence and skills have vastly improved!

Let me first tell you how much I’m enjoying Well of Music! Your teaching style is top notch.

First of all, my performance anxiety has diminished so much! Yay!! Also, I’m now  participating on the praise team at church, helping with vocals & ear training.

I continue listening and practicing the keyboards, especially identifying chord quality, progressions, inversions, left hand grooves, timing, theory, fingering and sight reading. Hmm, so I guess, I’m working on everything !

I was quite frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to play my song. That was until I watched the Neo-Soul lesson!  The theory you provide has me transposing, trying new things, and is just what I needed. Our musician loved my song so much, he got off the Hammond to check out my chord progressions. He took the theme song (based on your sweet neo-soul riff & WOW!

There are a number of great benefits to your online lessons:

1. The way you demonstrate different voicing, optional right hand movements, etc really works well for me.

2. Calling out the chord name, number & progression type is so helpful & has me trying to do it too. It’s now easier to transpose to other keys. Oh, also breaking down the slash chords by showing they’re actually two chords, drop 2, rootless, etc. I can see it lol!

3. Breaking up the songs in bite-sized pieces & mimicking your fingerings to practice my movements until I feel confident.

4. A few times I had your videos playing in the background while I was doing something around the house. I was able to visualize the chords & hearing you describe the music theory behind it makes it a little bit less scary.


Brenda W. Iowa US

Still loving the site… songs and tutorials are fantastic.

Thanks very much!

Scott US

Just discovered you via YouTube feed.

We like your work as intermediate-advanced piano students.

Johnny M. US

I would love to thank you for the rich harmonies arrangement for “We have come into His house”, I used to play it in F major.

Joshi H. US

You’re Awesome, thanks! I can’t wait to get home and get started. I really love that Db chord . 

I must say that WellofMusic for Beginners, and Moderate Piano players, is the best site to

download great Piano Tutorials. Great song selections as well as repetitive keystrokes, with clear camera visual.

It’s so cool to hear me play the songs that I hear on the radio.

John D. US

Thanks for the excellent service!

Julius L. US

“I am not an English speaker, what I write is translated by Google translation.” I really liked the tutorial that I bought from you.

Patrick C. France

I really am enjoying your tutorials and I am being helped a lot.

Louise Y. US

Time spent learning is never wasted

  • They learn with our high-definition videos

  • virtual keyboard with Key lights

  • In video notation and chord names

  • a video player with embedded  chapters

  • sheet music, PDF downloads and MIDI files

How they learn

An excerpt from the course 2-5-1 Chord pattern in 6 major keys


In this video you will learn how to play this 2-5-1 Passing chords pattern. It’s structured on 8 bars  in 6 Major scales.  The tutorial is for beginners and intermediate piano players as well.



You can use these tracks to play along or sing along. Enjoy!

From me to you

Hi there,

Thanks for stopping by our website! I hope you will discover something of value here. As I love to say music is one of the greatest mysteries in life that we’ll never fully understand. It carries the power to to soothe, uplift, and bring us all together, no matter where we’re from or what we’re about. Words just can’t do it justice!

So, it’s not about whether you’re into pop, jazz, or classical, or if you’re a beginner or a pro, how much technique you possess or theory you know , but how you relate to the world of music. It’s about how music speaks to you. I’ve been jamming on the keys for over 40 years, onstage and in the studio, and I’ve gathered up some sweet insights along the way. Enjoy the ride!


“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your instrument.”

Charlie Parker