Maybe you are:

  • a beginner who doesn’t know where to start 

  • or  overwhelmed listening to your favourite artist trying to figure out the chords
  • or you got stuck with the same chords progression in every song
  • Or you are good at reading music but have no clue how to play by ear

Let’s do it together

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We’re going to set a time that’s best for you

 All you need is a device with ZOOM installed, your keyboard and a smile 🙂

Your first lesson is FREE

  •  We will work on Song breakdowns
  • Playing with Backing tracks produced for you
  • Do ear-training drills
  • Work on Major, Minor scales and Modes
  • Learn basic chords – triads, seven chords and extended harmony

Time spent learning is never wasted

  • T.G. is guiding you with our high-definition videos

  • You will follow the virtual keyboard with Key lights at the ZOOM session

  • In video notation and chord names

  • a video player with embedded  chapters

  • sheet music, PDF downloads and MIDI files

How you’ll learn

From me to you

Hi there, 

Thanks for visiting our website. I hope you will discover something of value here. As I love to say music is one of the greatest mysteries in life that we’ll never fully understand. It carries the power to give peace, hope, joy and unite all of us regardless of social status, nationality and race. Phenomenon that words are feeble to describe! 

Therefore for me it’s not so much about the genre we like, how much technique we possess or theory we know about it, but how we relate to the world of music. I have shared with much love some of the knowledge that I have collected through the many years (40+ ) of playing piano, on stage and in the studio. Enjoy!


“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your instrument.”

Charlie Parker